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5 loaves of Bread and 2 fish

What do you have to offer to GOD ? One single music to worship him ? One simple preaching concerning Psalm 91 ?
Or who knows but taking care of the kids garden at your church ? Is that all that you have to offer to GOD ? So that´s already TOO MANY!

People usually think “aw man .. I barely know of  how to handle with this stuff .. I better not do that.. God deserves the best”. Ok, He definitely deserves the best. But hey, you are GOD´S best! Everything that HE wants to use it´s you.

You don´t need to be an expert of the word to preach the gospel nor the best singer of a choir to provoke the hunger into other´s souls. You just need to offer yourself to GOD as a diligent usher in the frontline of his army and He will take care of the rest.

I remember of when I was at 14 years old and I was very seeking the Lord with my all strength. I was a new born Christian and I was very thirsty for GOD. I had turned my ways onto Christ when I was at 14.  And the church needed some ushers to help in the church. The majority of the ushers were over 40 to 50 years old but The Lord had commanded me to go.

Ushers in Brazil preach in conferences, clean the church, lay on of hands, rebuke the devil and pray over people´s lives daily and besides that, they take at least 3 days a weak for fasting and take at least 1 hour praying in the day and 1 hour praying in the night everyday.

I was kind of scary because I was so young comparing to others and I was afraid to feel myself rejected ( What really happened on that time – Because people tend to reject what is different and the unusual till u prove that you really are what you are )

Even knowing all those things, I have obeyed the Lord and got myself into the ushers’ ministries. That was very hard in the beginning by wearing ties and  sometimes suits at the age of 14. I remember that I was always sweating because I was always nervous seating there in the front of a congregation gathering over 300 people .

However, when we obey the Lord He always adds to our lives later. The time passed by and The Lord started using me in healing and deliverance to others. For many times people fell off on the floor by the power of the Holy Ghost and demons were rebuked in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Praise God

Some people saw That I had the ministry while others gossiped around ( with unbelief ) by telling the senior pastor that I was pushing people to the floor with the strength of my hands. But thank GOD it never kept me from doing GOD´S labor. Even today some incomprehensible people start talking and mocking at what they don´t understand and bla bla bla but do you know something ? The ealier you answer the calling the earlier you will get mature in faith to not let those things put you down. Today I can tell you that I really don´t care of what people say. My commitment is with GOD.

And you should do the same!
If GOD is commanding you to do something, Just do that.
Never get yourself so compromised with your fears that you won´t allow the Holy Ghost to move through you.

The little boy holding the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish knew He would help Jesus to perform the miracle but maybe He never wondered of feeding a crowd.

What you have today, Even though being so little can be the food for a crowd tomorrow!
May GOD bless you now and forever,
Rafael Lima


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