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Rafael Lima is  a preacher of the gospel. He is investing his time on spreading the full gospel everywhere! He turned his ways onto Christ at the age of 14. And at that time He was suffering from a terrible pneumonia on His left lung.

The doctor said it was a rare kind of pnumonia and his city just had 2 cases of such a type: one old man who couldn´t stand with it and died and the second person was him.

By knowing that Rafael made a serious prayer to GOD:  “Jesus, if you are real like my family says you are, please heall me and I´m gonna be your follower for the rest of my days. If you don´t, I´m going to hell and I´m all set.”

Couple days later He had gone to a prayer meeting whose a pastor had layed his hands on his lungs. He was holding his laughters so christians would not think something bad on him because He felt such a joy that He couldn´t describe you even with one thousand words!

On going back to the doctor he could pretty testify this: “Rafael, You have been miraculously healled.”

Today, Rafael is married to Anna de Lima. A sweet woman of GOD whose The Lord Himself has blessed him with mighty joy. They both together have made this decision:  Spread The Full Gospel Everywhere with Healing, miracles and signs from above so the name of Jesus might be Glorified.


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  1. Veronika said:

    I didn’t know about your disease….praise God…miracle!!!!

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