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Ask What You Want And You Shall Receive That !

Today I had an awesome experience while visiting an old lady friend of my granny.

She is at 89 years old or something. But her faith is the faith of a young kid.

She had got some problems with her left leg that could not move straight and that brought serious problems with walking.

The Holy Ghost emotivated me to preach about James 1:17 concerning God´s gifts and His portion on Healing.

I preached about GOD and The sweetness of our Friend Holy Spirit.  All of a sudden He manifested among us with Power and GOD had brought this message unto my Spirit and Soul:

You´re never gonna be so old that GOD´S promisses will not work out for you neither so old that His healling anoiting and miracles will not work through your body.

I have ministered this message over her body and all of a sudden SHE GOT HEALLED !

She started moving her left leg with no harmness. The whole hardship was gone straight into the trash !


I´m too excited about that testemony that tonight while preaching at the church I have been invited to preach I´m gonna share with them that.

Blessings to you all,

Rafael Lima


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