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Video Testimonies of Miracles and Healings – May 1st and April 30th 2011

This weekend was such a blessed weekend. The LORD has done amazing things.

I was invited to preach in a Brazilian countryside located on its north area on the saturday and I have some of The Saturday night service on my facebook (click here to check them out)

On the last sunday, May 1st 2011 I was invited to preach in the capital of the brazilian North area. The theme of my message was Ask the owner of this house. I explained about the types of houses that you can become in: Living room. Dinner room or a House for staying. Jesus has chosen his church to be a permanent residency of his Glory. Before any disease get to live inside or outside your body, The Holy Spirit was already living in there inside. So they all are obligated to move out when GOD is in the house !

I wish to post some video testimonies so you could be blessed. Check them out and you will might have a clue of what GOD has done in those nights.


Woman has his levels of Leucocitos back to normal level by a Word of Knowledge given by GOD at the moment of the preaching

Woman Healed from fever

Highlights of the Message – I have preached about The temple of the Holy Ghost. That We should ask the owner of this house that is Jesus about how we can have more access to heaven by being his Temple


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