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The Urgency of renewing your covenant
by Rafael R. Lima (contact@blastofheaven.com)

Originally Written on Friday,August 6th 2010

Everytime Abraham had got some concernings about the promises GOD had made unto Him, GOD himself displayed His power giving Abraham an experience. Everytime Abraham was getting down concerning to all those Godly spoken words given, GOD himself displayed His power giving Abraham an experience. Breathly speaking, Abraham had a covenant with GOD and GOD had a covenant with Abraham. This is something that not even the darkest sin nor doubt could ever throw down to the ground. Experiences with GOD are highly recommended and extremely necessary in moments of hardship.

In Genesis 12:1-4 GOD makes a covenant with Abram (at the age of 75). In Genesis 15:1-11 GOD renews His covenant with Abram. In Genesis 17:1-8 GOD renews His covenant once again. And for this time Abram has his name turned into Abraham (At the age of 99).When GOD gives you a covenant, He renews it by His own!

Psalm 25:14 and psalm 25:5-6 teach us on what a Covenant with GOD is all about. And here we have 4 elements that may be found: Truth, Mercy, Loving Kindness, and salvation. Any time a good king showed up in the books of Chronicles and started walking on the new living way of goodness upon the earth our bibles are right away to say that this kind king “walked in the first ways of his father David ” and This is intrigating. Some of those kings had never met David in life and for the matter of fact they were David´s grand grand grand son. It´s funny that our bibles anyway described them to be meant as if they were His son. But how come? by inheritance.

David knew GOD´S loving Kindness (Psalm 23:1-3) and that´s why he put GOD to the proof asking Him to not let the child beared by Betsheba die for his own fault. (II Samuel 12:16).He believed GOD for His Loving Kindness and Mercy, two main tools for an eternal covenant. Maybe GOD could change that situation upside down. And in fact GOD did it, but on a different way.

Galatians 3:11-14 tells us the blessings given unto Father Abraham are also given unto us Through Christ. So, Everything we inherited through faith are gonna come in decorrency of Christ´s death and resurrection for the belivers. And all things that was meantioned to Abraham as to be a promise are going to come true into our reality because of the redemptive and consummated deed of Jesus at the calvary.

Theory vs. Practice

Sometimes we get ourselves down among the all promises GOD has made. Not because they are too good to be true. But because discouragement comes on our way and daily fightings are many. We even remind of GOD´S given spoken words concerning our future. But time stands still and it seems like they never come. At this moments what we most need is an urgency of renewing our covenant with GOD. You need a Powerfull manifestation of God´s hand. A fulminant experience with the Holy Ghost that may be used to erase all your inner doubts. And the good thing of this knowlodge is that you can have it because you have an inheritance in Abraham through Christ. You have the rights to renew your covenant. Trigle your faith now in the amazing name of Jesus Christ, The nazareene. Search for it. Beg for it. You need. Yes, you need it. You must grab it. You must chase for it. You must have it. Hallellujah!

You must have an experience! This experience will turn your faith loose. You must have it! Start begging from now on and crying out to GOD for an astonishing experience that will kick your faith up to the skys. Renew your Covenant by the power of the Most High. It´s time to leave the same old behind and take possesion of what is really yours. Go Praying and fasting for it. The time ranges for a supernatural intervention! Don´t stop meditating on this Holy Word. And believe me, your experience will come soon by unusually ways. A way that you have never thought before and not even possibly imagined.

Confess It: Jesus. I want to renew my covenant with you. The one you have with me. My soul needs it. Please, give me this experience. I pray beliving as if I have already got it. Thank you Jesus. In your name, amen


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