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Israel was politically restored on may 14th, 1948. 1878 years after the exile made by the roman impire where jews have been expelled from their native country. In this episode They have got their nation back but Jerusalem, Israel´s heart.This dream came true in 1967 on the event called: the six-day war starting exactly on the 6th month of the year 1967, when israelites have been suffered under the arabian attack led by Egypt.

The war broke out for 6 days beginning on June 5th to 10th. But on June 7th of 1967 Israel reached their territorial victory by conquering east Jerusalem (The old Jerusalem as they call it).From this event on, the whole Jerusalem came back to Israel.

The politically Israelite restoration now was completed. Let´s check now on the curiously interesting facts:
When have those things happened? In 1967, exactly 1897 years after the jew exile made by romans. According to the prophecies it says when Jerusalem would take the authority over Jerusalem back the end would be near. That would be the end of the nations. (Luke 21.24). So it means Jerusalem is the apocalypse Time-bomb. The book of revelation and its predictions already started on june 7th of 1967. The last days have started there.


The years calculation are also very curious. Let´s take a look at them:

05 + 14 + 1948 = 1967 (May 14th 1948 results in 1967). 1967 is the year Israel was politically restored and re-formed as a nation.

If we make the same calculation with the jew conquering over jerusalem, we´ve get here:

06 + 07 + 1967 = 1980 (June 7th 1967 results in 1980)

In July 30th 1980, Jerusalem was declared as the eternal capital city of Israel – in this year a treaty was signed (as they call it) The jerusalem law.

Some messianic jewish rabbis believe that if you by adding 70 years from the Jerusalem restoration on you would be more aware of Jesus return. And Jesus probably would come back in some of the upcoming years up to the year 2037. They say He might come in some of these years. Because everytime Jerusalem complets 70 years an event occurs to shock the globe and Jesus said we should look up at Jerusalem.I personaly don´t guarantee you of that. I think it´s just an interesting information that is good to keep in our heart. The bible is clearly by saying no one knows the time. And He can come tomorrow. He can come today. He can come whenever HE thinks HE wants to. None prophecy is turning Jesus down on coming back to earth. Everything is already accomplished. So everything we need to say from here now is: Maranatha Lord JESUS, Just come.


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